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Digital Sovereignty!

Digital Sovereingty!

At the borders of real and virtual

Author Sylvie Bédard


Have you noticed that artificial intelligence is the hot topic of the moment? Yet, for over a decade now
decade, this reality has radically changed our lives, well hidden in our new reality
virtually digital reality. 

After sharing her vision of “Presence” with a 1st book in the context of business and marketing
and marketing context to improve customer and employee relations in the digital reality, this 2nd book
expresses the same desire to preserve the quality of relationships between us. A decade later,
we need to have an urgent conversation about the very essence of humanity in a world
dominated by technology. Her vision of digital sovereignty presents itself as an accessible
solution that must guide the evolution of the race to artificial intelligence and combat
digital capitalism by bringing the digital imperialists to heel.

It’s not a plea for or against artificial intelligence. It’s a plea in favor of
the urgency of taking a collective stand to build a future in human dignity with these
intelligent machines that invade us under the pretext of “natural” evolution.

To act, we need to understand. Without pretension, but with lucidity, you are invited to discover the course
and heritage of digital colonialism, and even the domination of digital emperors,
to grasp the full extent of its impact on our reality, which is anything but virtual. From
accessible explanations of the issues at stake, so that we can fully grasp this universe.

A critical and constructive look at how we can hold the reins of this unbridled wild horse
that is artificial intelligence. Whether we are an ordinary citizen, a worker, an entrepreneur, a civil servant, member of parliament, etc. everyone is concerned, without exception. Yes, even you,
especially those who don’t feel concerned. This is a call for collective mobilization.

Reader advisory: This book aims to mobilize as many citizens as possible. It paints a popularized portrait of the evolution of technology and the issues that concern all humanity with the arrival of artificial intelligence, accessible at the click of a button.

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