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Meaningful Marketing : our motivation and passion!

Mind Drop is the perfect synergy of a multidisciplinary team led by marketing in the era of the Presence.

Our mission is to help entrepreneurs and managers, responsible to grow success in their enterprise. We love to support young entrepreneurs, or more experienced, with ideas with potential for the future. We offer an optimal environment to materialize ideas, primarily without borders and with unlimited potential, thanks to new technologies. With the power of contagion of the invention or of the value-added products, we want to help with every drop of ideas for positive change globally. We select only the ideas or projects that do not destroy the planet’s resources. We want to do marketing that makes sense in putting our creative capital to serve customers who share our values​​.

In respect of the environment, our selective approach ensures that all the necessary attention will be paid to your idea or project. We want to generate and commercialize ideas that will last for generations to come. That’s the whole point of the Presence!

A “Raison D’être” above marketing!

We accept projects that are at a new stage of development and requires a web presence for their promotion in the virtual world. Thanks to e-marketing and Web 2.0 our advice, we want to support the marketing of products and services that should be known and especially recognized. Practicing marketing that makes sense, Presence, we believe that we can rise above mere media noise. You can do better by creating a true capital presence with your target audience.

We are ready for our next mission, and you?

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It is here that we begin our relationship! Our desire is to assist you in the best conditions for you. The customer experience is a mindset Presence. We are committed to respond to you as soon as possible.

Thanks for your trust. A marketing expert will contact you within the 24 business hours