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    Welcome to Mind Drop, accomplice of your Presence!

    Marketing consultation that puts Presence and technologies at the service of customer experience and profitability.

    Ready for ideas and experience that will propel you?

    Our universe is built on simple business assumptions: business ideation solutions, innovative and effective marketing and e-marketing solutions and facilitating technological solutions such as SEO tools, our social media tools and our value-added content creation offer. .

    We want to help you develop your Organizational Presence Index whether you are at the start-up stage, marketing a new product or service, or growing. Closer to your customers also means being in business for a long time!

    We are passionate about strategic and marketing consulting in the digital age.

    We have developed an approach from the earliest days of the web that helps you improve your Web Presence. We are online customer experience specialists.

    No matter the size of your business, long-term success cannot be improvised. Especially in this age where not being online is a real danger to the future of your business ... and being there the wrong way is even worse.

    Regardless of the stage of your business, your success cannot wait and results must show up quickly. You have to be ready to operate whatever the situation in the market. The Web is not just a little extra, it's an absolute necessity, no matter your industry. We are learning it from the pandemic at our expense. We take you where you are.

    We know how to optimize websites, good ideas and above all we know how to elevate our customers to the rank of champions of online service and sales. We also have a social media and SEO training program to help you get started.

    Our site has been designed to answer most of your questions and stimulate your thinking. We will be delighted to answer your questions to complete or clarify your questions. After all, our goal is to improve your customer experience through web customer service. Come on ... you are one click away from your success!

    In short: we want to offer you our know-how to enhance yours while improving your organizational skills!


    To do business in the Presence era

    You don't know where to start? Does the business world in the digital age seem like a real headache? Your search for free solutions and your miracle seminars did not give the expected results?

    The first step may already be taken to find solutions. Whatever your stage, we can take over. Between our advice services as a Web pioneer, and our training or coaching, if you are here what have you to lose by taking a second step!

    We love new challenges and projects that bring good to the lives of people and businesses.

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    À l'ère des bouleversements planétaires et des incertitudes...

    C'est le moment de compter sur un partenaire de confiance qui évolue dans l'ère numérique depuis son émergence. Un partenaire visionnaire ayant à sa tête une prospectiviste qui a prédit l'avenir du Web dès ses premières semences. Avec son livre, son blogue et son activité sur les médias sociaux, la fondatrice Sylvie Bédard est la meilleure alliée des chefs d'entreprise tournés vers l'avenir et ses défis.